Revolutionary Concept When It Comes To Hygiene

Shattaf Muslim showers are important to that religion for hygiene. You can cleanse your intimate areas with water while you are sitting on the toilet. This water spray from the shower can also help to clean the toilet bowl.

The shattaf remains a revolutionary concept when it comes to hygiene. This invention gains advantages over the toilet pan. It, in fact, uses the toilet bowl and can be fitted over the toilet seat. Furthermore, some homes are extremely narrow to fit a toilet pan. The shattaf does not require additional drainage to fit in the bathroom. That also means it is more sanitary than the toilet pan.

Perfect Substitute

The shattaf has a shower spray, a hose, and a tap. The corrugated chrome plated hose is connected to the water circuit by a tap with non-return valves. This check valve allows water to only flow in one direction.

Widely Used

This invention has already been popular in many Middle Eastern homes. It has also branched out to Portugal, India, Brazil, and the Far East. It is now gaining superior traction in Australia and Ireland.

A lot of people who see this invention in holidays in an area will come home and want it installed in their own home. The Muslim community is used to using water for personal hygiene, so this may be why this community adopted it right away.


The shower head can be used by the whole family. Parents can even use it to shower their babies. The flexible hose is precisely 1.2 to 1.5 meters long. It is effortless to comfortably reach from any key part of a small bathroom. The shower head is easy to properly use with the click of a button. That makes it easy for people with disabilities to use.

shower head

If you have pets, then this can be an ideal method to undoubtedly keep them clean. You can instantly bring the hose into a bath or properly install it at a pet grooming parlor.

Customised to Any Temperature

In Ghrams systems, the waters are mixed manually or thermostatically to the desired temperature. It is achieved precisely by instantly turning on the hot tap to a half turn and then adjusting it with cold water to the desired temperature. This is the same way that things are typically done with a normal mixer block.

You do not need adjusting the setting for the continuous life of the unit. This naturally allows for practical convenience and extensive customisation that will make your use of the shattaf consistent.

Before you instantly order it, make sure you accurately measure out the specific dimensions of the area that you want to put it into. You undoubtedly want to make sure there is enough room for the unit.

The shattaf is a unique invention that allows for a person to properly utilise the functions of the bidet in a more sanitary manner. The entire hose can be used sparingly to properly clean pets and babies as well as for personal hygiene purposes.

Many modern cultures have already adopted this ingenious invention as a mainstay. Those that do not possess one are rapidly learning about it through their travels to other cultures.

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