Best Hygiene Substitute For Toilet Paper

For personal hygiene, it is essential to have Muslim shataff bidet at home. They allow you to do a cleaning of your intimate areas using a spray of fresh water while sitting on the toilet.

Paper alone cannot guarantee hygiene and cleanliness. It is also suitable as the cleaning jet spray for toilets, which is more hygienic than brushes.

Shataff is a new concept that deviates from the conventional bidet. On matters of personal hygiene, it is more advantageous than the use of the toilet pan. It can be fitted anywhere within the toilet regardless of the size of the toilet unit.

Some houses’ restrooms or bathrooms are small to allow for the fitting of a conventional bidet or toilet pan, and therefore, a shataff bidet will serve them better. Unlike when using the conventional bidet, the shataff bidet brings more hygiene into the unit and does not require regular cleaning or dedicated drainage.

Perfect Substitute

The Muslim shataff bidet provides an ideal alternative for toilet pans. You do not have to move from the toilet pan to utilise it. The shataff bidet is made up of a small handheld showerhead with a shower hose for tapping and connecting, and a lever/button for pressing to activate the spray.

There is a connection of the corrugated chrome plated hose through a non-return valves tap to the water circuit. Also, there is a check valve fitted between them.

Widely Used

Shataff bidets are widely used across the Middle East. The term shataff (washer) initially made use in the Middle East. Other regions using this product include Portugal, India, Brazil and the Far East. This product is fast gaining popularity in Ireland and Australia.

Many visitors and holidaymakers in regions using this hygiene product started adopting the idea of shataff bidet by fitting the entire system in their homes.

It is a common practice in the Muslim community (especially those of Asian origin) to use water for personal hygiene, an idea that resulted in the developing of Muslim shataff bidet.


The versatility that comes with Muslim shataff bidet makes it an ideal accessory to have in any family bathroom. This accessory can also make use of in showering children or babies by setting the water to the right temperatures.

The hose measuring 1.2-1.5 meters makes it easy to use at any point within the bathroom.

This bathroom accessory has an ON/OFF finger-operating valve which makes it ideal for speciality use.

The Muslim shataff bidet can comfortably be put to use by people with special needs at any given time.

Make good use for bathing the pets too.

Set to the Desired Temperatures

In Ghrams systems the waters can be mixed manually or thermostatically to the desired temperature. It can be attained by turning the tap half turn ON while adjusting the water temperature to its desired warmth.

It is not necessary to change these settings for the entire life of this Muslim shataff bidet. Therefore, before someone makes an order for the Muslim shataff bidet, they should ensure its designated point of installation.

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