Timeless and High Quality Product Replacing Roll Tissues

Our toilet washing habits have undergone some changes in the recent past. This calls for brand new equipment for the job. The hand held bidet is one of the newest and by far the most sophisticated of these products.

What Are Hand Held Bidets?

For a start, the hand held bidets are products that play the same role as the tissue paper. They are much like the taps you would ordinarily find in a kitchen or a bathroom. They however mainly resemble the nozzles that are found on the sprayers of the kitchens.

These hand held bidets work by spraying water onto the portion of your body that requires up-close cleaning. They save money over and above doing a better job on the whole. They are also hygienic and convenient.

This is because they are easier to engage and are accompanied by complete installation kits. This is not to mention that they come in a variety of shapes, models, types, sizes, and designs. This gives you the freedom to select the one that closely mirrors and suits your unique preferences.

Even though they are primarily designed and intended to cut down your toilet roll expenses, they demand some time from you to get used to them. This is because to date, not many people are familiar with, let alone used to this concept. They, therefore, call for some practice prior to eventual usage.

Further to these, most experts note that the use of water is by far more hygienic than the toilet papers. Moreover, these products grant you utmost controls over the pressure and steam generated by them. This enables you towards both the front and the back as dictated by the unique needs perfectly well. Lastly, they also comprise a variety of features and controls that expedite the process of cleaning on the whole even for the small children!

For these reasons, it is probably time you substituted your toilet papers with these items. This should also apply if you are looking for cleaner and more hygienic means of washing up.

Added Benefits of Using Hand Held Bidets

Great For Less Agile Users

Persons who have mobility issues and who cannot use ordinary cleaning products will find them very great indeed. These include the disabled, the elderly, and the terminally ill. They may use the hand held bidet to maintain the same levels of cleanliness that only a bathtub or a shower can bring about.

Awesome For Those With Hemorrhoids

Given that they reduce the amounts of repetitive wiping required, they are pretty good for those with hemorrhoids. This is because they reduce the likelihoods of excessive bleeding.

Aids Menstruating Women

Other than those suffering from hemorrhoids, these products are also great for women in their menstrual period. They help them in the prevention the likelihoods of infections and foul smells. What’s more? They also reduce the pains that are associated with menstrual period.

Washes Feet And Other Body Parts

You may also use the hand held bidet to wash your feet and other lower parts of your body. This makes them all the more convenient and handy to utilise.

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