FACT: 95% of Australians DO NOT Clean Their Bum Correctly

Sorry to say…. but if you are using toilet paper only, you are definitely not wiping the poo off your bum properly!

Filthy Bathroom Habit

If you did your poo already today, and you cleaned yourself using plain old toilet paper, you have not cleaned your bum correctly.

There are still minuscule bits of poo sitting between your butt cheeks at this very moment.

bad toilet habits

Not a nice thought, I understand. But we share this important information with you because we’re sure you’d like to know.

If you’re using toilet paper alone to clean up after you take a sh*t, you’re not doing a thorough job of getting yourself entirely poo-free after the experience.

Let’s think about it, dry toilet paper doesn’t work to clean dirt – it just moves it around.

What is worse is that millions of people are walking around with dirty asses while thinking they are clean. Toilet paper moves sh*t, but it doesn’t remove it.

You wouldn’t shower with a dry towel and think you are clean; why do you think that dry toilet paper cleans you?

Imagine trying to remove makeup with just a dry bit of paper.

You’d just end up smudging it all over your face. Not only that, but you would graze your skin by the continuous rubbing of something scratchy – and the same principle applies to the ultra delicate area of skin around your anus and genitals.

The friction of rubbing away with dry toilet paper can lead to irritation, haemorrhoids and even anal fissures (a lining of the rectum tear, and it’s as bad as it sounds).

If your wiping strategy isn’t up to par you could also endure a urinary tract infection. You could be moving bacteria from the anus to your urethra especially if you’re wiping back to front instead of front to back.

Anyone who’s had an urinary tract infection will know that it is not a fun thing to go through. When we are using toilet paper, what is happening is we are moving bacteria around with something dry and rough, rather than killing the nasty bacteria, cleansing our skin, and being gentle on our buttholes.

The ideal methods of cleaning your butt post-sitting session are, then, the use of a hand bidet or wet wipes.

Hand Bidets & Toilet Bidet Attachments Are The Solution

A hand bidet or toilet bidet attachment actually help you to clean your butt rather than just ineffectively moving the poo around as suggested above.


Hand Bidets & Toilet Bidet Attachments are easily installed in any bathroom. NO PLUMBERS REQUIRED

disgusting toilet habit

More than 90% of homes in Spain, Italy, and Greece have a bidet & almost 100% of homes in Thailand, while around 60% of homes in Japan have fancy spraying your bum loos with air-drying features.

Western culture who still using toilet paper are quite far behind in the bum-cleaning game.

Upgrading to a bidet can be extremely pricey, while the use of wet wipes has harsh environmental implications.  So what’s the answer for those of us who aren’t quite ready to invest in a bidet, don’t want to ruin up the environment, and also aren’t keen on having little bits of poo sitting in our underwear?

The answer is hand bidet sprayers which can be easily added to any existing western style bathroom.

Have a think next time you’re on the toilet and make adjustments you need to make your bum a little cleaner. Do it just for your own peace of mind – no one likes the idea that there may be little pieces of poo on their body.