A Uniquely European Invention To Get You Clean

Bidet shower spray was once a uniquely European invention. People would marvel at them when they went to foreign countries on holidays. But now people are realising the sense in that extra clean. It really can make a huge difference in general hygiene. What the marvel is that North Americans did not catch on sooner!

How to Use a Bidet Shower Spray

Using a bidet shower spray does not have to be a complex process. Most people do not know how to use one if they did not grow up having one in their bathroom. If you just got a bidet or want to use one on holidays, it is important to know how to turn it off and on properly.

The water pressure can build up if the shower bidet was not turned off properly. This can lead to bathroom floods if you are not careful. For this reason, it is best to install a bidet into a bathroom that has a drain. Even if the bidet is turned off properly, it can still leak. Having a bathroom drain can prevent floods.

When you think of a bidet, envision a shower head nozzle. You need to turn this on and point it in the right direction in order to get clean. There are three parts of the bidet shower head that you need to familiarise yourself with- the shut off T-valve, bidet hose, and bidet spray head.

The shower spray will either be located on the toilet tank or on the wall next to the toilet. This non-electric spray is powered by water pressure. It is ideal for homes that do not have electrical outlets in the bathrooms.

Practice Before Using Is An Advantage

Before you use the spray in the toilet for the first time, try to practice first. The settings are high pressure so you will want to familirise yourself to that. To start, twist the T-valve handle into the “on” position.

Try opening the valve only part way at first to reduce the pressure. Then you will need to position the sprayer. Finally, just press the trigger to release the water flow. The water is coming from your home water tank, so have no fear- the water will always be clean.

Once you are finished release the trigger and turn off the T-valve. If you forget the last step, then the water will not be completely off. So always remember to turn off the T-valve after you release the trigger. To clean yourself after the bidet, use a few squares of toilet paper. It is really a simple process, but doing so will leave you feeling extra clean.

You have to remember a few extra steps with the bidet shower head. It is a bit of a learning curve, but it is not impossible to master. One of the main concerns is getting into the habit of turning off the T-valve. Even though the trigger stops the water flow, the water pressure at that point is still on. Only by turning off the valve is the pressure neutralised. You can enjoy a bidet spray in any bathroom, even ones without electricity.

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