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Sydenham Park bidet spray

Proper cleaning after using the toilet is recommendable for our health purposes.

And if you are looking for a simple but effective after toilet use cleaning product for your Sydenham Park home, office or business?

A toilet bidet spray kit is all you need. Due to its simplicity, the toilet hand spray is globally used for the cleaning of the private . The bidet spray is cost-effective, and for this reason, it is more preferred when compared to a stand alone toilet bidet.

Toilet water spray guns are commonly used in Middle East countries in large numbers. They are also common in countries such as Portugal, India, and Brazil. Toilet water spray guns are mostly used by Muslims and are also referred to as Muslim showers. However, in the recent few years, these water sprayers have gained popularity in the rest of the world as well.

Toilet Water Spray come with a simple setup. It consists of a T-shaped adapter fixed with a shut-off valve that is connected to the main water line. The water line is then connected to the toilet. Through the setup, the line can serve both the toilet and the  hand held bidet effectively. From the line is a flexible hose pipe that connects to the toilet bidet . The toilet spray is then fixed with a squeeze trigger that makes its operation simple.

Steps on How to Use a Toilet Shower In Your Sydenham Park Home, Office or Business

For you to use the water spray gun effectively, consider observing the following steps;

  • Step 1: Locate the Hand Held Bidet
    You need to locate and hold the bidet sprayer. In most cases, the sprayer will be hooked on the holder that comes along with it in the purchase box.
  • Step 2: Open the Shut-Off Valve
    For the water flow to the water gun region, you will have to open the shut-off valve. The water flow is then moderated, and therefore, spraying will not start to spray at once.
  • Step 3: Using the Toilet Bidet Spray Kit
    The way you use the handheld bidet is completely a personalised choice. It can be used from the front or the rear side of the seat. This depends on how flexible your body is and the position at which you are more comfortable. For women, using the bidet from the front side of the seat is more recommendable. This gives room for cleaning of the anal and genital areas simultaneously.
  • Step 4: Spray now
    To start spaying, squeeze the trigger on the nozzle. Choose the correct angle for effective spraying and to avoid splash backs from the walls.
    It will take a few days for you to learn which the best angle is and desired gun pressures before you can enjoy the real comfort. Therefore, don’t give up after the first trial, keep using the bidet, and you will be able to manage its operation. For better cleaning, buy yourself a toilet spray today and enjoy the benefits.